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    You mentioned taking your first QiGong class – hooray for you, finding something that resonates with your body and at the perfect time. (There are no coincidences, right?) For the participants who are new to QiGong, you can also find it spelled “Chi Kung”, and it is another wonderful movement program. There are even sitting exercises for those whose physical issues prevent them from doing the standing positions. You might be able to find this video in your local library, as I did: “Chi Kung For Health, Volume Two: Six Seated Meditations” by Terry Dunn.

    The movements are called meditations, but to me, they are actually like a mindful, seated Tai Chi (I mean no disrespect to either tradition in making this comparison, and this is just my take on it).
    #qigong #chikung #seatedexercise #seatedmeditation #icantstandanymore

    Gail Moser
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)