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    Tools for attending to body:

    Morning #meditation/prayer time#.  I employ traditional first nations prayer time smudging, followed by quiet undisturbed time sitting under a blanket.  I attend to what ever comes to mind and body.  Inclusing thoughts, pictures, images, sensations, feelings, etc.  I acknowledge them and ask what to do in relation to them.

    While I work I regularly do self checks to notice and attend to my #body position#, #body mechanics#, and sensations adjusting throughout the day to ensure that I do not facilitate any pain onset.  I catch it at discomfort and make #incrimental changes# to achieve ease in my body.

    I like to regularly receive #skilled and attentive massage/bodywork# as it helps me notice that which I have not yet noticed.  Invariably self exploration has some inherent limitations and the skilled bodyworked helps me become aware of those “blind spots”



    In reply to: What do you call it?

    For me I have learned to manage pain by figuring out the precursors to the experience of pain.  Being able to notice what occurred before the onset of pain has helped me mitigate the onset of pain.  I found that attending to the tensions of my body and then addressing that tension by receiving massage/bodywork, acupuncture and/or chiropractic interventions I was able to prevent the onset of pain.

    For me body awareness is all about #listening# to the #subtle and not so subtle signs# #telling me that something is up# and I’d best #attend to it#.

Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)