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  • Annie, I have heard a little bit about heating and cooling properties before but never really looked into it. It makes sense to me that different foods would have different energetic responses in the body. I did a quick google and enjoyed reading up about TCM on this site: Shen-nong: Properties of Food From a TCM Perspective
    I like that you’ve adopted different practices as your life experience has introduced them. I’ve done some picking and choosing from different healing traditions as I’ve come across them and experimented with what’s worked for me. For example, I learned about Ayurveda a couple years ago and did some research and experimentation and since then I’ve focused more on eating alkaline foods.
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    Rachel Carriere

    The principles that I follow in terms of food choices are a combination of my life experience as well as different cultural traditions.
    A lot of my choices are also based on heating and cooling characteristics of foods, which is a concept from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I tend to have a lot of problems with temperature fluctuation, in three senses: 1) I am sensitive to the temperature around me, both indoors and out of doors; 2) exercise can cause a large drop in my body temperature; and 3) eating food can make me extremely cold after I eat.
    So I try to avoid eating meals that have a disproportionate amount of foods that have cooling properties. One example is that I rarely have salads, and if I do have them, then I try to diversify the ingredients in them.
    This goes along with another principle that I try to follow whenever I make my food choices. I pay attention to color balance. This is a habit that I developed when I lived in Japan, as consideration of color is an important part of food culture there. It is interesting to think about how different traditions might have different reasons for emphasizing color. For example, one might think about how the color of foods is due to the different nutrients that they contain. So these different traditions can lead us back to the same place.
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Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)