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    In reply to: Transformation

    I have sought counseling with therapists at different stages of my life, and they have used many different modalities. But I started having some breakthroughs on my own a couple of years ago. I had chronic pain in my neck but I hadn’t been able to connect it to anything. At the same time I was using meditation, prayer, visualization, and setting my intention to bring resolution to some of the emotional issues that had plagued me for most of my life.
    As I was driving to work from a doctor appointment, memories of forgotten trauma came flooding back to me. I was on the freeway, becoming blinded by tears. After a bit I took an exit that led to the ocean (lucky me, I lived in California then). I had a pen and a legal pad in the car and I wrote and wrote and wrote about all of the memories, thoughts, feelings, and visuals that were enveloping me. I was having a kind of detached vision of the past. When I finished I drove back to work and slipped into the rhythm of the office as if nothing had happened.
    When I got home I sat in the dark in stunned silence for hours. I knew I had uncovered the cause of much of my physical symptoms, distress, and pain. My occipital neuropathy – my “pain in the neck” – was directly related to this trauma. I involuntarily tensed my muscles (“armoring”), and held my breath constantly because of this trauma. I began employing many techniques to rid myself of the tension and emotional pain that I had stuffed deep down inside, including guided imagery and affirmations from a CD for healing trauma.
    To make a long story short I turned a corner that day. Just knowing the origin of the muscle tension and spasms, and being able to face and evaluate the cause allowed me to be more objective about it. That was when I was finally able to separate myself from it, and eventually eliminate the pain in the areas of my body that I identified with it. This for me was a transformation.
    I wasn’t familiar with the term “emotional decoupling” – thank you to Rachel for introducing it to me in her post from last Thursday – but that is exactly what happened for me, and I believe it has been a key component of my healing process. For me this was a critical area of personal growth that I got to through body listening.

    #transformation #trauma #emotionaldecoupling #breakthrough

    Gail Moser

    In reply to: Re-framing

    Thank you so much for sharing this findjoyagain. I really like your coping strategy. We always hear about how we should set limits with our children, friends, and even work. I have never thought to “set a limit on how much my condition can affect me”. It’s all about boundaries! And enjoying life in the moment, as much as we possibly can.

    #reframing #settinglimits #enjoylife

    Gail Moser

    There’s a lot to say about making sense of your body and talking about it in health care settings! What else do you think we should have asked about?


    In reply to: Hitting your limit

    Fibromyalgia has been very isolating experience for me.  The “adrenaline rush” kicks in and I gain a lot of energy and enthusiasm being around others. Fun activities help me to distract me my pain and focus on an exciting & enjoyable experience. I still have my limits even during the most fun activity. If the lights are too bright or music is playing too loud I can get a migraine. I am not shy about asking to have lights and music turned down.

    Last weekend I took a two hour art class using the ZenTangle technique for drawing artistic doodles using specific patterns and techniques. I find art and craft activities to be very therapeutic & fun. I enjoy any excuse to get out of my house & be social. Isolation only triggers depression.

    I also enjoy photography. I am just an amateur but it brings me great joy to capture natures beauty or take a great photograph of an individual.I find I get lost in the moments and am not aware of the strain I am putting on my arms and wrists until after a long photography session. I need to be better about setting time limits and wearing a watch. I should set the alarm on my cell phone so that I do not overdue. I can be very stubborn and I often fight through the pain because I want to continue doing activities that bring me a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

    Although I know my body will need a full day to recover from even a few hours of activity I find the trade of worth it. I purposely try to not schedule Dr. Appointments on Mondays because I am my most active on weekends having fun  with my husband.

    #Setting limits #Scheduling downtime#pain triggers#Adrenaline rush#Isolation and depression#Art is therapeutic

    #Social activities # distraction from pain

    # set time limits #cell phone alarm

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    Dymond, I love how you used deep body listening and setting your intention to “restore the humanity” to your body movement. So many popular trainers and exercise programs today treat the body as a machine – the P90X and Insanity workouts come to mind – it seems that they ignore that there is an actual human inside, operating that body. And that type of workout is fine for some people. However, using deep listening and setting one’s intention as you have will lead to the type of exercise and schedule that, as you put it, is “flowing with what you feel will support your journey”.
    #deeplistening #settingintention #funday #dowhatworksforyou

    Gail Moser
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