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    I’ve had some interesting experiences with alternative therapies where others manipulate my body. Bowenwork is a massage technique that uses very gentle manipulation to communicate with the nervous system and trigger healing (the site explains it much better than I can!
    My favorite movement-based therapy that I’ve tried is Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), that relies on small isometric exercises to gauge and correct the body’s muscular alignment. The “technique” itself is a small pulsing massage over the tendons around weak muscles, the idea being that when your body is under-utilizing a muscle the brain’s communication with it becomes hindered. Massaging the tendons helps revitalize the communication between the brain and the muscles, kind of like saying “remember there’s still something here!” The exercises are gentle, and being able to isolate individual muscles has really helped my body awareness. I’ve developed a better sense of where my weak spots are. I can’t really get a sense of this from everyday motions that tend to be more complex and use groups of muscles. I’ve learned that my misalignments and trigger points don’t necessarily align to the location of my pain, which has been hugely helpful in my treatment.
    #MuscleActivationTechnique #Bowenwork #Isometrics #triggerpoints #alignment #massage

    Rachel Carriere
Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)