Body Listening Project Mission


What is body listening?

This project has grown out of Dr. Annie Chen's research on fibromyalgia patients’ illness journeys. The research showed that over the course of their illness experiences, study participants became more attuned to their bodies, recognizing signals that their bodies give them, and reacting to these signals. For example, this might mean learning pain triggers, understanding what foods that they were sensitive to, when they had hit their physical limit and needed to rest, and recognizing when they were going to have a hypoglycemic episode.

Should I care about body listening?

The act of “body listening” is one that people may engage in regardless of who they are, and learning to listen to one’s body may mean different things to different people, inspiring the creation of a place where everyone could post knowledge that they have gained through their own health experiences and explore health management-related questions with others.

Let's define body listening together through the Guided Exploration.

Starting in March of 2016, we will host a ten-week Guided Exploration of selected topics about body listening. Each week, moderators will focus on a different topic for people to share their thoughts and experiences on.


By contributing your experiences, you will build a repository on different aspects of body listening, as well as related concepts such as “body awareness.” The Guided Exploration aims to collect patient experiences to forward our knowledge of “body listening” and related concepts and, in addition, to create a resource to help people develop their own skills in these areas.  Check out the Guided Exploration Blueprint.

A critical information need. You can fill the gap.

Despite the likelihood that body listening is a key factor in people’s ability to manage and improve their own health and wellbeing, there are serious gaps in the availability of information about this phenomenon and how to engage in it. This collaborative space is a place where you can post experiences concerning body listening and share with others how you learned/are learning to do it, as well as learn from others.


Your contributions will become part of a knowledge resource for others to learn about ways that they can learn to listen to their bodies and incorporate what they hear into their lives. The stories that you share may be helpful for the health care community and to understand more about the information you needed to get where you are now, and the information you still need. Read more...


What happens to your data?

There are two types of data in this study: 1) what you share about body listening in the ThinkSpace; and 2) personal information about demographics and illness history. The personal information you optionally share with us will not be available to the public, and is kept separate from the discussion content. The ThinkSpace is public, so please be careful to only share what you are comfortable with others knowing about you.

Come think with us.

Work collaboratively with us to build a repository of knowledge about body listening and body awareness.  Make your experience with body listening work for others!